Robert Bader, AOCA

As a veteran creative director and entrepreneur in the graphic design and industrial design fields. My focus is geared to the development of innovative communications, packaging, products and services for the changing marketplace. In pursuit of design, marketing and communication excellence, I stress the key strategies of creative problem solving through product and market analysis. This research is the basis to define mission critical attributes, project goals and team requirements.

In recognizing that the time-honoured concepts and traditions of excellence and professionalism in visual design are important, I believe it is equally crucial to understand the new challenges awaiting those who wish to create powerful opportunities in electronic commerce. Today's communication technologies are radically changing the way business is being transacted. Yet they cannot simply be tapped into without a thorough comprehension of how they represent vastly different requirements of marketing, presentation and systems integration. Only by learning and correctly employing these new dynamics can business prosper in the emerging friction-free economy.

Creative and Artistic Excellence

Our multi-talented design team is responsible for the management, production and creation of graphic content and media services. The design group must attract, engage, motivate and make it easy for audiences get information or to purchase products from client's business. This complex sales cycle requires the talents of a multi-disciplined team. The skills include production management and planning, story scripting and copy writing, page layout and graphics, catalogue design,user interface design, photography, typography, illustration, animation, music, audio, video, corporate identity design, product brand imaging, color psychology and store design.


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